Kingspan KW6

Kingspan KW6 Product Specification

Kingspan’s KW6 turbine stands out from other small wind turbines with its delta rotor design, allowing it to regulate speed, thereby maximising output.  As the wind becomes stronger, the blades pitch and cone to reduce their aerodynamic efficiency.  This enables the turbine to maintain a high output even in the strongest of winds, unlike many other turbines which need to be braked in high winds.

There are +4,500 of these wind turbines installed globally – making them one of the most sought after and reliable small wind turbines in the world.


Peak Power Rating          6kW

Connection Type            Grid Tied or Battery Charge

Tower Heights              9m, 11m, 15m

Colour                      White, Grey or Black (dependant on planning)

Output                      8,949kWh @ 5m/s

Cut in Speed                3m/s

Cut out Speed               None, continuous generation in all wind speeds

Architecture                Down wind, Self-Regulating.

Generator                  Direct drive with permanent magnet generator


Installed in over in over 70 countries on every continent. The Kingspan KW6 is unquestionably the most sought after small wind turbine in the world.


Already surpassing 20 years successful operational run time, offering unrivalled performance. Low Servicing Requirements and backed with comprehensive warranty, the KW6 is the number 1 choice for land owners, small holdings, and rural businesses wishing to generate their own electricity from a renewable energy source.