The KW3 wind turbine stands out from all other small scale wind turbines due to its unique delta rotor design which allows it to regulate its rotational speed, maximising output – as the wind gets stronger the blades pitch and cone, protecting the turbine and allowing continual operation during the fiercest of storms.


Kingspan KW3 wind turbine is the result of over 30 years research and development and born from a global installed fleet size in excess of 800 – including the world’s largest rural off-grid fleet in The Falkland Islands through to specialist installations in Asia, Europe, North America, offshore oil platforms and the global telecoms sector.

The wind turbines use a direct drive generator and therefore have no gearbox, resulting in higher reliability, reduced noise, lower servicing costs and no reduction in performance in cold weather.

Inspiration, innovation and a commitment to development have ensured these wind turbines produce electricity in a variety of wind regimes without the necessity to be stopped for self protection.
KW3 Product spec