• Kingspan KW3

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Kingspan Wind provides the world’s most robust, low maintenance wind turbine. Their internationally renowned wind turbines have undergone extensive testing under the most rigorous of climate conditions. Their wind turbines operate successfully throughout the world, from Antarctica to Saudi Arabia. Unlike upwind turbines, the system works with nature and not against it by getting the most out of any wind speed, helping to maximise your investment.


The delta rotor system enables the wind turbine to generate power in light or strong winds. This unique system, a combination of innovative design and the latest techniques in advanced composite technology, allows the blades to bend and flex.

As the wind gets stronger, the blades twist to reduce their aerodynamic efficiency. This allows the wind turbine to maintain a high output even in the fiercest storms, unlike many other turbines, which need to stop generating power to protect themselves at high wind speeds. The blades also regulate their speed, preventing damage if the load from the wind turbine is disconnected through a power cut or electrical fault.

Low Noise

Kingspan wind turbines are designed to minimise noise and maintenance. They have a direct drive generator, which operates without a gearbox. The generator load is continuously monitored to keep the blades rotating at a low speed, whilst optimising power output.

Compared with other modern small wind turbines, the blade tip speed of a Kingspan turbine is low. This means that noise is reduced substantially.

Low Servicing Requirement

Kingspan wind turbines are designed to run with minimal servicing requirements. In most cases, they only need servicing every 2 years after their 1st annual service.


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