RBS Financial Support for Renewable Energy

In a complex market like wind energy, there is an increasing need for financial support for end users, particularly in the agricultural area.

Proven Energy has been in discussions with RBS to offer a solution to the financial obstacles that agricultural end users may face when planning a wind turbine.  RBS can offer a funding package to farmers looking to install a Proven 11 or a Proven 35-2.

RBS has an independent accredited team of renewable energy and agricultural specialists who provide knowledge, support and funding to make the project successful.

Bespoke credit policy

 The RBS bespoke credit policy has been created to meet the specific needs of renewable energy investors and offers the following benefits:

  • Maximum project size for wind is 1,500kW
  • Borrow up to 100% of the total investment value
  • Funding can be secured against alternative assets
  • Typical repayment term eight years, with 10-year terms available for some projects.

RBS will use the estimated FIT payment as security on repayment of the loan. See information below:

If you are interested in finding out more about this funding package, please email our contact at RBS, Alisdair Hillis – alisdair.hillis@rbs.co.uk.

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